Real Thoughtful Content for Real Thinking People.

Let's face it. When it comes to dealing with sex, we're all over the map. Conflict.... Confusion.... Drama.... You know the story.

This is the dirty laundry.

What a load!  It’s tragic. And it’s also totally unnecessary. HotBloodedStudies boils every conversation down to its most essential points so we can just cut the crap and move forward like we mean it.

At HotBloodedStudies, clarity of vision comes first.

Content is meaty and thoughtful, direct and to the point, getting you right to the heart of the matter.

I offer a streamlined philosophy that is practical, tested, and true, saving you valuable time and energy so you can begin lightening the load right now.

Honesty. Responsibility. Awareness.

These are the three detergents.

Every discussion gets scrubbed down with these ingredients. Eventually, through consistency of application, a new vision of sex and sexuality emerges.

With practice and time, this vision will come alive within you and begin to shape your thinking and your actions into a vehicle of sexual freedom and enlightenment.

Sexual Humanism: A Way of Life.

This is the washing machine (the container for all discussion and practice).

Humanism is a way of thinking about the world that strives to improve the human condition here and now, using evidence and reason rather than dogma and superstition.

Since the sexual confusion of our modern culture grew out of a history of dogma and delusion, it makes sense that a brand of applied humanism would point the way out….Enter Sexual Humanism (SH).

According to SH, this is the problem:

  • Humans are fundamentally social-sexual creatures.
  • As such, it means that the health of our society hinges on the health of our sexuality.
  • Sexual health (much like any aspect of health) is enhanced or constrained by attitudes and outlooks.
  • Our damaged attitudes (dirty laundry) result in an ongoing legacy of dysfunction (widespread abuses of one another, large and small).
  • This dim legacy hangs heavily over our living experience and social dynamics.

Here's the SH angle on the solution:

  • It's urgent: If we care at all about the kind of world we live in, we've got to get serious about getting ourselves straight in this regard, and then take action.
  • It's active: Because inertia will keep us following the status quo, which simply isn't working.


  • It's engaged: The social aspect of who we are means we all have relationships to deal with (great practice!).
  • It's personal:  Each one of us has our own work to do. I can't do yours and you can't do mine, although we can offer each other support.


  • It's courageous: Because going against the status quo can cause some real discomfort, inside and out.
  • It's compassionate:  We're all struggling here. Everyone is damaged by a sex-negative culture.


  • It's smart: We're solving sexual problems using our frontal lobes for a change. (Making the most of being human while improving our lot!)
  • It's sexy: What could be sexier than bona-fide, buffed-out sex-positivity?


I’m passionate about promoting the realization of sexual enlightenment because (self-interest disclaimer!) I want to live in a better, happier world!

When Sex Makes Sense, Life Comes Alive!

Sex affects so much of what we think, feel, and do, that if we're not clearheaded about it, we’ll make a lot of poor choices.

But when we're clear about it, things come into better focus just pops.

More freedom. More energy. More fun.

Let's Get It On, It's That Simple.

Here at HotBloodedStudies I take on the grubby topics and filter them down to their simplest components.

With the right guideposts, we can each forge our own unique sexy path out of the dark story of our past and into a bright new moment of sexual enlightenment.

With each of us doing our part, together we create a happier, healthier society.

***Psst! Begin your Hot Blooded studies by reading the first three posts...they establish good footing. 🙂