Karin Grace has dedicated over twenty years to personal growth pivoting on sexual understanding with a real-life experiential approach (that means she walks this talk and knows its challenges, and rewards, wholeheartedly).

Striving in her own life to access unencumbered sexuality, she has put theory to the test-- for six years in open relationship with a primary partner, six years as a salacious single, and for the past decade, in a monogamous arrangement utilizing sex for deeper exploration, discovery and transformation. Working as an entertainer in the sex industry for ten years has also dramatically expanded and informed her perspective on sexual issues.

She has been a guest speaker for college-level Human Sexuality classes and assisted formal psychotherapy workshops.  She graduated summa cum laude in Biology, and has practiced as a licensed massage therapist for twenty-two years.

Incorporating the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual components of sexuality, her philosophy is applicable to all genders.